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    Debt Restructuring & Non-performing Assets


    Debt Restructuring & Non-performing Assets
    Zhong Lun is among the first Chinese law firms to establish a debt restructuring and non-performing assets practice and has gained extensive experience in advising large private businesses and group companies on matters in this area, which have helped us build a unique profile and competitive edge in the market.
    With a deep bench of dozens of partners and associates based in different offices of our firm, our debt restructuring and non-performing assets group can draw upon our diverse expertise and comprehensive capabilities to provide innovative solutions for our clients and provide them with full-range, high-quality and efficient legal services. 
    Our clientele includes leading businesses, financial institutions, and distressed capitals, as well as local financial regulators. We have provided the full gamut of services for an array of major projects with a scale of RMB hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions. 


    Scope of Services

    • Debt restructuring of distressed businesses
    • Participation of investors in debt restructuring of distressed businesses
    • Operation of financial creditors' committee or joint credit granting committee of financial institutions in compliance with relevant standards
    • Prevention and elimination of regional financial risks by local governments
    • Transfer of non-performing assets
    • Investment in non-performing assets
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