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    Securitization & Financial Products

    Practice Areas

    Securitization & Financial Products

    Ranked Band 1 in Securitization for consecutive years (Chambers Asia Pacific)

    Asset securitization is an important technical solution to deepen financial reform and strengthen the economy. Over the years, Zhong Lun has set out a strategic plan engaging a considerable number of partners and teams, building the platform for technical and professional support provision to promote the quality of legal services in all areas of securitization. Zhong Lun is a leading legal service provider in Chinese asset securitization market. To promote the healthy development of the domestic asset securitization market, Zhong Lun initiated the establishment of the China Securitization Forum (www.chinasecuritization.org) in 2006, which is a Chinese securitization, structured finance industry communicating platform with a global vision. Several Zhong Lun lawyers serve as secretariat of the forum.


    Zhong Lun covers all areas of financial products handled by financial institutions regulated by China’s central financial regulators, i.e., the 'one bank, three commissions' (consisting of the People's Bank of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission) and other financial institutions and entities similar to financial institutions not directly supervised by those authorities. Zhong Lun advises commercial banks, insurance (asset management) companies, trust companies, securities firms, fund companies and many other financial institutions on matters including asset management, inter-institution financing, boutique investment banking, structured financing, standard and non-standard products, with services ranging from due diligence investigation and design of the deal structure to drafting and review of transactional documents, negotiation, assistance in the filing process and risk management in relation to the transactions. In recent years, financial inclusion based on the internet has been developing vigorously, and as one of the forerunners in the sector, Zhong Lun has accumulated a wealth of hands-on experience in internet financing through working on a multitude of cases (including P2P lending and third-party payment), earning a sterling reputation in this field.

    Scope of Services

    • Enterprise loan securitization
    • Auto loan and equipment loan securitization
    • Residential mortgage loan securitization
    • Credit card securitization
    • Leasing assets securitization
    • Factoring assets securitization
    • Special asset management program
    • Project asset backed program
    • Real estate investment trusts
    • Asset-backed notes
    • Non-performing asset securitization
    • Structured finance
    • Esoteric asset securitization
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