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    Bankruptcy & Restructuring

    Practice Areas

    Bankruptcy & Restructuring

    Ranked Band 1 in Restructuring and Insolvency for consecutive years (Chambers Asia Pacific)

    Zhong Lun Law Firm was among the first PRC firms to advise on China’s bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation laws and regulations. Our professional team has been on the roster of approved bankruptcy administrators by various People’s Courts including Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court, Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court, Shanghai Higher People's Court, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, Qingdao Intermediate People's Court, Chengdu Intermediate People's Court, Wuhan Intermediate People's Court and ranked in Band 1 by the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court and Shanghai Higher People's Court. Zhong Lun Law Firm has been appointed to act as bankruptcy administrator in high-profile cases for a diverse group of domestic and international companies, including Hantang Securities, Minfa Securities, Zhonghe Taibai, Chuangzhi Technology, Shenzhen Weiguan, Fujian Nuoqi and Anxi Tieguanyin Corporation, and we provided legal service in several cross-border bankruptcy cases over the past few years. We also advised Shengrun, Kejian, Zhonghua, Wanji Pharmaceutical, Hainan Zhongdu and other listed and non-listed companies on their reorganizations.

    Zhong Lun is highly recommended by Chambers Asia Pacific as a Tier 1 bankruptcy and reorganization law firm for several years. Zhong Lun was named Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law Firm of 2016 and 2015 by China Business Law Journal, and Best Chinese Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Liquidation Law Firm of 2014 by Asian-MENA Counsel Magazine. The case of Zhonghe Taibai and the case of Nuoqi (the first successful domestic reorganization case of H-Share listing), in which Zhong Lun was the bankruptcy administrator, received widespread media coverage and was reported by CCTV. And the cases of * ST Taibai, * ST Zhonghua, * ST Hailong, Zhejiang Glass, in which Zhong Lun acted as the administrators, counsel of debtors and the chairman of the creditor's meeting, were selected into the first "Ten typical bankruptcy cases" by the Supreme People's Court.

    Zhong Lun’s bankruptcy and reorganization team consists of over 50 professionals with rich experience in this field gathered from the Beijing Office, Shenzhen Office, Shanghai Office, Guangzhou Office, Qingdao Office, Chengdu Office, Wuhan Office and Hong Kong Office, and can provide customers with high quality and efficient legal service. Our professional team has published several monographs, including Analysis on Arbitration Rules of Cases of Enterprise Bankruptcy of People’s Court (Law Press, 2016) and Road to Exit and Revitalization of Enterprises in Difficulties-Bankruptcy Liquidation and Reorganization Practice Research (The People’s Court Press, 2012),and reported a series of influential papers which were highly noticed and praised.

    Scope of Services

    • Serving as bankruptcy administrator / member of liquidation teams
    • Advising debtors, reorganizers, shareholders, creditors and other interested parties on the corporate reorganization of listed or non-listed companies
    • Filing bankruptcy applications on behalf of creditors, debtors and other relevant parties against debtors 
    • Conducting pre-investigation on debt restructuring of troubled companies and proposing solutions
    • Filing compulsory liquidation applications on behalf of shareholders and creditors
    • Participating in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation proceedings as legal advisor for creditors and other rights holders
    • Serving as liquidation committee legal advisor
    • Participating in risk disposal of securities companies, trusts and other financial institutions as delegated by PRC regulators or relevant parties
    • Providing other services related to reorganization
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