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    Practice Areas


    PRC Law Firm of the Year - Dispute Resolution (Chambers, 2017)

    Zhong Lun has an outstanding team of lawyers in the compliance and regulatory practice field. The team consists of dozens of partners and over 100 professionals from domestic and overseas offices, including former prosecutors, former judges, former government officials (including public security, Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), customs, quality inspection, State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), environmental protection, tax and anti-trust officials), as well as attorneys, admitted in China and other jurisdictions, and former compliance officers of major Chinese and international corporations, who combine their extensive global capabilities with their substantial local experience. Zhong Lun has established its position as a pioneer in this practice area, by providing comprehensive services, which are tailored to clients’ needs. The firm’s regulatory compliance team has handled numerous high-profile cases initiated by both domestic and foreign authorities.

    Scope of Services

    • Daily Legal Advice and Compliance Training
    • Establishment of the Internal Compliance Systems of Enterprise
    • Prevention and Control of Compliance Risks in Business Transactions
    • Internal Investigation, Governmental Investigations and Crisis Management
    • FCPA and Other Foreign Anti-corruption/Anti- Bribery Law Services
    • Criminal Crisis Response and Related Compliance Services
    • Compliance Services in Domestic and Overseas Merger/Acquisition and Investment
    • Cyber Security and Data Protection
    • Compliance Services on Anti-Monopoly
    • Compliance Services on Tax, Environmental Protection, and Other Sectors
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