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    Retail & Consumer Products


    Retail & Consumer Products
    Under China’s new dual circulation strategy, the consumer market embraces a new wave of growth, giving rise to changes unprecedented to both retailers and consumers. New forms of business, such as e-commerce platform, live streaming, private traffic, and duty-free shopping, are burgeoning on the basis of traditional retail. The new business models, driven by innovative new market players, are transforming consumers’ shopping habits and preferences and their lifestyles. Retailers strive to provide a more diversified shopping experience to cater for customers’ ever-changing needs. 
    Faced with such an increasingly complex consumer market, we have taken advantage of our full-service platform, professional specialization, and extensive experience in both conventional and new-form retail to assist traditional retail businesses in restructuring and transforming their business models. We provide all-round and multi-dimensional services to retailers and consumers around the world, and our services cover land lease or purchase, intellectual property protection, M&As, financing, unfair competition, human resources compliance, and consumer complaint handling involved in traditional retail, as well as document drafting for trade on platforms, data security, logistics base construction, courier delivery, and payment safety associated with new retail.

    Scope of Services

    • IPO and listing
    • Financing with new financial products 
    • M&As or assignment
    • Intellectual property protection
    • Unfair competition and merger filing
    • Establishment of and exit from joint ventures 
    • Labor and human resources
    • Debt restructuring
    • Consumer complaints and logistics and courier delivery
    • Litigation and arbitration
    • Long-term counseling services
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