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    Education & Training


    Education & Training

    Our education and training practice is highly applauded for our professionalism and experience as well as our abilities to provide one-stop and high-quality legal services. Our clientele covers a wide spectrum of subdivisions of the education and training industry, including kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, higher education, vocational schools, international schools, Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions, training institutions, online education, consulting firms for overseas education and examinations, and research institutions.


    We can provide multi-dimensional support to our clients for matters relating to investment, financing, M&A, listing, compliance, and intellectual property and assist them in conducting legal analysis of new forms of business and providing legal solutions in compliance with Chinese laws and regulatory policies.

    Scope of Services

    • Domestic and cross-border investment and M&As
    • Listings
    • Filing for government approval of Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions
    • Application for private school running permits
    • Land use and property management in educational projects
    • Compliance counseling regarding day-to-day operations
    • Cybersecurity and data compliance
    • Designing of online education and training models
    • Brand and textbook licensing and related rights protection
    • Transformation of job-related scientific and technological achievements, and cooperative programs between schools and businesses
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